eCatch is a fisheries logbook tool developed by The Nature Conservancy that provides a simple way for fishermen to collect, map and share their fishing information in a private and secure manner. One of the more difficult aspects of fisheries management is the timely collection and dissemination of data, particularly location data, in a manner that would allow for in-season adaptive management. We built eCatch to address this problem.

By-catch of protected species is a problem for both the resource and many fishing businesses. Knowing where by-catch events occur is one way to avoid problems in the future. We designed eCatch to give captains an easy way to capture the location of their by-catch events, visualize them on a map, and share with other members of their local community if they want to. eCatch operates on a “give get” principle, meaning if you choose to share your by-catch locations you will receive a generalized map of by-catch from other eCatch users in your fishery.

eCatch has been utilized by fishermen working with The Nature Conservancy for the last 7 years. eCatch is currently configured for a selected set of fisheries that we think are applicable globally.

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